Reasons Behind Acne

1. Lack of hygiene
2. Improper healthy habits
3. Use of artificial skincare products
4. Over contact with harmful environment conditions
5. Hormonal disruptions
6. Indigestion as well as bowel problems
7. Hereditary reason might also not be eliminated
8. Presence of toxins in bloodstream


       Recommendation For Acne

1. Skin needs to be clean softly and carefully

2. Mild face cleaner should be used morning and nighttime or even whenever expose to unsafe surroundings.

3. Scrubbing and squeezing of pimple must be avoided

4. Stay out of sun to prevent pimples

5. Choose non chemically made and oil free cosmetic

6. Shave have to be implemented gently and as soon as, it is important

       Herbal Remedies For Acne                                                                

1.    Guggulu immersed in water overnight after which it it is implemented over the spot are sure to help reduce it.

 2.    Kala jeera (cumin seed) crushed to water and paste is produced with the neem juice and is implemented over pimples gives you excellent good results.

3.    Leaf of a peepal ( Ficus indica)   warmed with the ghee is applied in the spot; it will certainly heal up the acne

4.    Decoction of neem leaves  gives very effective results

5.    Turmeric paste blended with sandal powder whenever placed on the pimples provides positive results 








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